Glendale Police Officer Born With Debilitating Medical Condition Saves a Life

Glendale police officer David Koh was born with a medical condition that kept him for being able to run.

Fresh out of training with just month on the beat, he has already saved a life.

"When I was younger I really wanted to be an officer," he said.

Koh said his condition prevented him from exercising.

"I had a condition with my chest called pectus excavatus, where basically the sternum doesn't grow flush with the rest of the chest," he said. "My heart and my lungs were sandwiched between my sternum and my spine."

Koh underwent surgery to correct the it.

"It was a pretty painful procedure because they lift your sternum and insert metal braces," he said.

Although it was difficult, it was worthwhile.

"It was worth every painful day, every painful hour because I was able to run and do cardio," Koh said. "I felt like I had a new chance at life."

Two months after graduating from the police academy, Koh was given an opportunity to pay it forward.

"It was a little before 1 a.m. and we got a call that there was a man down," Koh said. "I got there and he was not breathing. He had no pulse and his body felt wet and clammy to the touch."


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Although the man's condition did not look hopeful, Koh followed his training.

"I just decided to do CPR and just keep going," Koh said. "One thing they always told us was to give life a chance. A few hours later I was told he got transported to the hospital and they were able to resuscitate him and that felt great."

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