Good Samaritan Saves the Day by Helping Corral Chihuahua That Bolted After Pursuit

What began as a car chase on streets and freeways in the San Fernando Valley turned into a neighborhood effort to find a Chihuahua that followed the pursuit driver out of her car and hid under another car.

Khoren Moughalian chased a dog through streets, tried to corral it under cars and eventually safely rescued the pup in a pre-school yard.

"I help all the dogs," he told NBC4 Photographer Joel Cooke, who quickly caught up to the hero after scrambling to help try to rescue the dog under a car and filmed the whole thing on camera.

Moughalian didn't know the dog was the one that got out of a car in a pursuit moments earlier.

Police chased a Nissan Sentra through the San Fernando Valley and arrested the driver in an alley.

The woman, who police said was an assault suspect, was arrested near Dempsey Avenue and San Jose Street in Mission Hills.

She and the dog got out of the car and led police on a foot chase through an alley.

The dog got scared and hid under several cars.

At one point, several people tried to corral the dog under a car while police blocked traffic.

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