Los Angeles

Police Pursue Reckless SUV Driver on South Los Angeles Streets

After the driver of an SUV led police on a wild chase, zig-zagging on and off freeways, striking cars and almost hitting a bicyclist in the South Los Angeles area Monday night, police took him into custody.

Police began pursuing a vehicle in the South Los Angeles area Monday night as the driver slammed into another car and hit speeds in excess of 100 mph.

The vehicle was spotted at 9 p.m. traveling on the 110 South Freeway before exiting to surface streets.

The driver slammed into a car stopped at a stop sign before hopping onto the 110 Freeway once more.

The driver exited the freeway, blowing through red lights and traveling on the wrong side of the road in the Exposition Park area. 

An incredibly close call came when the SUV nearly hit a bicyclist in a crosswalk.

After another cruise on the 105 Freeway, the SUV exited onto surface streets into the Gramercy Park area with LAPD right on the driver's tail. 

The pursuit ended in a crash at Normandie Avenue and W 94th Street. After the driver crashed into parked cars, he apparently "fell out" of the driver side and onto the ground. It wasn't immediately clear why, but paramedics arrived on scene to check him out.

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