Police Seek Stranger Who Snatched Girl from Bed in Tarzana

The girl screamed, waking her mother and causing the suspect to drop her and flee

Police were searching for a masked man who broke into a Tarzana home and snatched a little girl from her bed.

In the dark, early hours of Monday, a man in a black-and-white mask walked through an open patio door into a home near Reseda Boulevard and Miranda Street. The man grabbed the child from her bed, according to a Los Angeles Police Department statement.

The girl's screams woke her mother, who ran outside and found the girl on the patio. The suspect had left her there and fled.

The suspect was described as wearing a black-and-white mask, a dark shirt, black and red pants and dark boots.

Anyone with information can call the LAPD at 877-527-3247.

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