Pop Pie Co. Goes OC, Oh Yum

The San Diego sweet shop is showing up in Costa Mesa with a host of beautiful desserts in tow.

What to Know

  • Sept. 28 grand opening
  • 270 E. 17th St. #17, Costa Mesa
  • Steak & Ale Pie, Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble, Soyrizo Egg & Cheese Pie

Much fuss, and many scholarly treatises, and oodles of heated conversations have been centered around how people consume pizza pie.

Do they start at the triangle-y tip of the cheesy-doughy delight? Or do they munch the crust first, to save the gooiest bit for last?

And yet the same consideration isn't given to that other pie that so thoroughly captivates us: pie-pie, as in the sweet stuff, as in the confection that is full of chocolate or cream or some of both.

You can debate the best way to eat a piece of pie with your best pal as you visit one of Orange County's newest shops, Pop Pie Co., which says "hello" to Costa Mesa starting on Sept. 28.

Oh yes, you have heard of this place, if you know your San Diego sweet destinations. And, for sure, you've likely heard that they also offer egg-tastic breakfast pies, and savory pies, too, in addition to meal-ending favorites like guava cream cheese and salted honey pie.

Wasn't that presumptuous of us? To assume that a sweet pie must be a meal-ender? Let's get real: Sometimes a slice of lemon curd & mixed berry IS the meal.


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If you happen to swing by Orange County's very first Pop Pie Co. on its opening day, you could possibly score a free savory pie and/or some merch. The scrumptious spoils will go to the first 25 people (they'll get both).

And should you peek at the bottom of your pie tin and find a golden sticker, you could win free pie for a year.

Let's pause to call that out, underline it, and draw a few stars around it, too: Free. Pie. For. A. Year.

So how do you eat your pie-pan pie slice? From the crust backwards? Do you eat all the curd and cream and fill first? Or are you okay with wherever your fork happens to land?

Be in Costa Mesa on the final Saturday of September, and the first Saturday of autumn, for a fresh OC-yummy pie adventure, straight from the pie pros of San Diego.

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