Positivity Reigns in Riverside: Happiness Sprinkling

Happy people will gather at a Riverside corner to spread positivity.

If you've ever sat at a stoplight -- and let's assume that you have, at least once or twice, if you're in possession of a driver's license -- and seen a furry, balloon-holding mascot promoting a local business or a group of kids waving "Car Wash Fundraiser" signs, you've likely done something people are not wont to do in traffic.

You smiled.

Now take that cheery moment and add dozens of students waving signs that say "Live Your Dream" and "You Rock!" and "Why Not?" Would you smile? Yes. Would you immediately search the internet upon arriving at the office to find out what the heck that was? Definitely.

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The positive phenomenon has a name -- Happiness Sprinkling -- and an upbeat mission: To, yes, sprinkle happiness, in a sudden and surprising and memorable way. The multi-city campaign is set to arrive in Riverside on Tuesday, Jan. 28, where drivers and pedestrians passing through the intersection of Adams Street and Arlington Avenue will be treated to a hefty dose of affirmative sunshine.

And the sign holders for the project's Riverside stop? "Students and staff from the Arlington Regional Learning Center and other Riverside County Office of Education programs." There'll be about 100 sign wavers in all, and you'll know them by their yellow t-shirts (and big grins, we imagine).

The Jan. 28 hours are 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

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The Happiness Sprinkling project started in the spring of 2012 when a friend shared a joyful photo on another friend's Facebook wall. Conversations ensued, ideas bloomed, and soon positive signs were on the road to be held by people in new cities, people eager to brighten strangers' days.

To read more about the project's goals and to become involved yourself, read on, happy sharers.

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