Cannabis, It's What's for Dinner

Wondering whether pot is the right medicine for your ailment?

Is your hemp plant looking kind of sad?

Need to spice up your pot roast?

Then an independent station in LA has the program for you. "Cannabis Planet" airs Thursday and Saturday nights on KJLA.

Topics include cooking, agriculture, medicinal and industrial uses, and other non-recreational aspects of pot. The blurb in the channel's schedule grid reads, "Explore the merits of the Cannabis Plant...industrially, medicinally, agriculturally."

"We’re trying to show the legitimacy of this plant," Brad Lane, the executive producer, told the New York Times.

Lane told the NY Times that the show is breaking even almost two months after its premiere. He said he became high on the idea after seeing ads in newspapers for medical marijuana, which is legal in 14 states.

The ads, he said, suggested that medical marijuana is one of the few growing market segments.

The show is one sign of the mainstreaming of marijuana, the Times reported.

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