Supreme Court Hearings Could Affect Prayer at SoCal City Council Meetings

Twenty-five Orange County cities who begin council meetings with prayer could be affected as the U.S. Supreme Court debates whether the act is constitutional

Several Orange County cities could be affected by a U.S. Supreme Court debate that began Wednesday on the issue of prayer during city council meetings.

The debate was sparked by a legal challenge from two women in the town of Greece in suburban Rochester, New York, who claim that the Christian prayers that open government meetings there endorse a specific religion, NBC News reported.

Justices did not appear interested in eliminating prayer altogether, but instead wrestled Wednesday with whether to define limits that would allow prayer at meetings without making those who disagree with the message feel forced into participating, NBC News reported.

Currently, 25 cities in Orange County hold prayer before meetings, and about a dozen cities have signs in chambers that say "In God we trust."

The Supreme Court last considered the issue of prayer in government in 1983, when they ruled that the Nebraska legislature did not violate the Constitution by opening meetings with a prayer from a Presbyterian minister paid to act as the official chaplain, NBC News reported.

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