Preliminary Hearing Held for Man Accused of Killing Two Teens in Corona

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Joseph Jimenez is accused of shooting two teenagers in a Corona movie theater and on Friday a judge heard from two of the three friends who were with him that night.

Jimenez sat quietly as two of his three friends took the stand, describing what happened inside the Corona theater in July 2021.

The friends say they met up with Jimenez at a restaurant at Corona Crossing shopping mall.

The friends say Jimenez had been acting strangely for about a year, ever since his mom died claiming he heard voices.

They say at times during the meal, Jimenez stared at the wall mumbling to himself and even told them he had a “strap” inside his satchel style bag.

Prosecutors say a “strap” is another word for handgun, but the friends say they weren't sure what Jimenez meant, but at least one believed it could be a gun.

After eating the four men went to the nearby Regal cinemas to see a movie but the friends say Jimenez tried to bring the bag inside.


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The friends told him to put it back in his vehicle.

They say they went into the theater and sat in the back row, just a few rows behind 18-year-old Rylee Goodrich and 19-year-old Anthony Barajas.

Last year, Goodrich’s mother said the pair had just started dating.

“She’s a beautiful girl that had a lot to offer and Anthony, poor Anthony, they were just starting their relationship,” Danielle Goodrich said. 

According to the friends, at one point Jimenez stared intensely at them for about five minutes before mumbling "no I can't do that...they're my friends."

They say Jimenez eventually got up and left the theater but came back a short time later with the satchel style bag.

The friends took the bag from Jimenez, unsure if there was a weapon inside but Jimenez got it back and stuck his hand inside while staring at them.

The friends say they were "weirded out" so they left the theater.

They say they never told the theater staff about the strange interaction with Jimenez and they didn't call the police.

Prosecutors say after the friends left, Jimenez walked up to Barajas and Goodrich and shot them as they sat in their seats.

The friends say they later saw Jimenez running from the theater and driving away quickly.

Shortly after the deadly shooting, in a jailhouse interview with the Press Enterprise, Jimenez said he was recently diagnosed with schizophrenia and he didn't refill his medication.

Friday afternoon, a Corona police sergeant testified that he found a gun at Jimenez’ home and also a wallet belonging to rylee goodrich.

He also says Jimenez admitted to shooting the couple because he felt threatened by them.

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