Program Offers Help for Tenants in Anaheim Affected by Pandemic

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Anaheim tenants who have suffered from the negative economic impacts of the pandemic could soon receive some relief, as they will now be able to receive help that will provide up to three months rent.

The Emergency Rental Assistance Program will give these affected tenants up to $2,100 per household to pay deferred rent since April, under Anaheim's three-month eviction moratorium.

Those who have lost their jobs or have seen reduced incomes due to the coronavirus can apply for help between June 1 and 5 online.

If they qualify for the aid program, they will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis as long as funds are available.

This program, under the Anaheim Economic and Community Recovery Plan, is expected to help some 1,400 families.

"We know that the needy in our community is great, and there are many who have been struggling to make ends meet," said Mayor Harry Sidhu. "For many who have been impacted by this pandemic, paying rent will be a burden. And not being able to pay will hurt tenants and landlords. As we begin a gradual reopening here in Anaheim, this program will help residents recover and It will put us all on a path of recovery."

Aid for those who qualify will be distributed beginning in July, as the Anaheim eviction moratorium expires June 30.


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This program will be based on funds from the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, as well as city funds allocated under the Anaheim Economic and Community Recovery Plan.

For more information or to apply for this tenant help, visit

For more information on the Emergency Rental Assistance Program you can enter here.

For regular updates on coronaviruses, see

  • What: $3 million program for residents struggling amid the coronavirus crisis to pay deferred rent under the Anaheim eviction moratorium
  • Approved: May 5, 2020, by the Anaheim City Council as part of the Anaheim Economic and Community Recovery Plan
  • Funding: Federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, money allocated under the Anaheim Economic and Community Recovery Plan.
  • Households to be helped: 1,400
  • Application Period: June 1-5, 2020
  • Calendar: Rental assistance will be provided beginning in July, as the Anaheim eviction moratorium expires June 30.
  • How does it work:

- Online application

- Provide photo identification for all household members 18 years or older

- Provide recent utility bill

- Provide a copy of the lease

- Meet income requirements

- Living in an eligible rental house or apartment

- Payments made directly from the city to the landlord

  • Rental Assistance: up to $ 2,100 per household
  • Late rent payment: up to three months of help paying deferred rent from April 2020
  • Meet current income: Up to three months of help at $ 700 a month, or, if less, the difference between 40 percent of current monthly income and income
  • Combination: Aid for current and past due rent, up to $ 2,100 per household.
  • Who is eligible: Anaheim tenants who have lost jobs or hours of work due to the economic or health impacts of the coronavirus and who meet the income and rental cost requirements.

† See income and rental cost limits below

  • Income:

- Current household income of $ 102,450 or less for a family of four

- Easily accessible cash, savings and other assets of $ 5,000 or less

- Home equity less than $ 100,000

  • Rental cost limits: Rental costs cannot exceed 120 percent of fair market value rentals for Anaheim

- Studio $ 1,875

- One bedroom $ 2,145

- Two bedrooms $ 2,660

- Three bedrooms $ 3,720

- Four bedrooms $ 4,295

  • Who is not eligible:

- Those who receive other rental assistance from the government or a non-profit organization

- Those who live in a house or apartment with any form of rental subsidy, such as the Anaheim Housing Choice Voucher Program

- Those who live in temporary housing, such as a motel

  • Selection Process: Qualifying applicants will be selected on a first come, first served basis until funding is spent
  • Exceptions: additional rental assistance could be considered and authorized in cases of extreme need

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