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Prominent LA Rabbi Speaks Out Against Former President Trump's Dinner with Ye, Holocaust Denier

One of LA's most prominent Jewish leaders speaks out against former President Trump's dinner with Ye and well-known Holocaust denier.

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One of LA's most prominent Jewish leaders is speaking out against the dinner hosted by former President Trump that included Kanye West and a white nationalist and holocaust denier.

Rabbi Marvin Heir is concerned that the rising tide of antisemitism will only get worse.

"It was a highlight I have to say," Heir said.

Rabbi Heir says he remembers the honor of praying at then President Trump's inauguration in 2017 but he also remembers this, the hate messages and antisemitic postings on social media that came after.

"I've never seen such discord in the United States," Heir said.

Last month, after joining leaders in speaking out against the antisemitic comments of Kanye West, Heir says he got death threats.

"I'm concerned for my family, children, and grandchildren," Heir said.

Heir says he is very upset about last week's Mar-a-Lago dinner during which Trump hosted Ye and Nick Fuentes, a white nationalist who has denied the Holocaust.

In a social media post, Trump said he didn't know who Fuentes was.

According to NBC News, Fuentes also confirmed this in an interview but many others in attendance to the dinner figured out his identity.

After news spread of the meeting Trump was met with a pile of criticism.

Criticism came from both Republican allies and rivals of Trump, according to NBC News.

In a damage control response Trump's team is now instituting new vetting procedures in an effort to prevent something like this from happening again.

But Heir isn't buying it.

"You can't be a president or former President of the United States and not know who you're talking to," Heir said.

Heir was among the Jewish leaders who praised the former President when, despite protests, he moved the American embassy to Jerusalem and recognized it as Israel's capitol.

Heir is worried Trump's actions now will worsen an environment where antisemetic incidents continue to increase.

"We have a Hebrew word it's called "sechel," common sense and if you lose common sense you lose your humanity in that moment," Heir said. "When he greeted these people he lost his humanity."

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