Prop 8 Supporters Vow to Continue Legal Fight Against Same-Sex Marriage

As newlywed same-sex couples celebrate, supporters of Proposition 8 are calling last week’s Supreme Court ruling “unconstitutional.”

Supporters of California's ban on same-sex marriage said the decision to lift the proposed stay on such unions came too quickly -- less than 24 hours after it was petitioned -- and called it "unprecendented."

“Nearly every step we've taken in this battle to protect the definition of marriage has been filled with hurdles,” said Ron Prentice, of the Proposition 8 Legal Defense Fund.

Prentice said the legal battle over gay marriage in California is far from over.

“We will choose to press this to the ultimate end and ask for the courts to rule and decide on whether to hold to the rule of law or to once agian disregard it for the sake of cultural pressure,” Prentice said.

He called the court's actions a virtual veto against direct democracy and questions why Gov. Jerry Brown did not defend the proposition that voters passed.

“This is political agenda, clearly,” Prentice said.

With each same-sex marriage, Prentice believes the legal options to fight the Supreme Court ruling dwindle. But he said attorneys are discussing how they will handle the next legal hurdle. They have 25 days to file a rehearing with the United States Supreme Court.

Backers of Proposition 8 say they will not try and invalidate the same-sex marriages that have taken place since the high court ruling.

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