‘Property Brothers' J.D. Scott Reveals Struggles with Mysterious Illness

The oldest brother of three shared on Instagram the symptoms he has been experiencing for more than a year.

On Thursday, one of the siblings from "Property Brothers" posted an emotional video on Instagram detailing his year-long battle with a mysterious illness that is still undiagnosed.

In a video spanning over 25 minutes, Scott, 43, and his fiancé Annalee Belle discussed the details of the health complications he has been experiencing for the past 14 months.

“Human beings are delicate creatures and I found out just how delicate this last year as I struggled against something very serious,” the “Property Brothers” star captioned the Instagram post. “It has been a race for answers and a frustrating journey when it seems like everything is against you, even time.”

Scott and Belle discuss his initial symptoms of extreme sensitivity to weather over 70 degrees and needing to stay in bed for days to the point where  he thought he was going to die. The oldest brother of three also experienced a “crawly feeling” in his head, a symptom that a neurologist said could be a potential side effect of a rare condition called nummular headache. Medications he was prescribed helped to ease his headaches, but not the heat sensitivity.

“What [doctors] thought it was, was an autoimmune disease,” Scott said. But after several MRIS and “months and months,” his two neurologists told him might have two brain aneurysms.

A subsequent follow-up appointment with a neurosurgeon introduced the possibility that it could be “a new pathway [that] had formed” in his brain. The neurosurgeon told the couple that this condition is not necessarily uncommon or life-threatening.


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At the same time, Scott said he was struggling to participate in every-day activities, including a trip they took to a casino for Belle’s 30th birthday in September that she said was “too much” for him.

“Walking too much would bring on the symptoms. Heat would bring on the symptoms,” Scott said. “I was very limited in what I could do. But as long as I was within an area that I could control, I could actually do things.”

Scott is now following a diet that eliminates wheat, dairy, soy, gluten and sugar. This lifestyle change was recommended by Functional Physician Dr. Scott Jacobson after tests showed that the 43-year-old had an infection that was raising his antibodies. Since starting the diet, Scott reported starting to feel better in less than a week.

While the couple is starting to get more answers, they share that the journey has been an emotional one. A lot of people in their life “faded away,” partially because they did not know how to react to the symptoms and because some thought he was being “dramatic.”

“I was pretty sure I was dying,” Scott revealed. “Some really good people have checked in a lot and helped out.”

Scott is still hopeful for the future.

“I appreciate all of you," he told fans. "We’re getting there. Lots of good stuff to come.”

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