Pug Yoga Is Real and Happening Here in LA

The stretch-it-out session will feature adoptable Pug Nation pups, oh squee.

What to Know

  • Saturday, Feb. 23
  • 2350 Sunrise Street
  • $35

No one would even think to tell the cute concept of goat yoga to step aside, and few of us would dare sniff in the darling direction of sloth yoga.

For, truth time? There are oodles of animal-centered sessions involving sun salutations and shavasanas these days.

We're talking about the sorts of classes that find humans practicing yoga while visiting beasties wander near the mats, or hang out at the front of the room, all to lend cheer and charm.

And every single one of these classes has its ardent and true fans, making each new entry into the animals-at-yoga catalog highly welcome. And by "welcome" we mean "instantly embraced."

So prepare to embrace this, fans of foldy faces and snarfly kisses: Pug Yoga, a furry fundraiser from Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles, will soon trot into our Pug-obsessed hearts.

The date is Saturday, Feb. 23, the rescue's partners are Downward Grog and Indie Brewing Company, the place is 2350 Sunrise Street, and a ticket is $35.

Indeed, there shall be beer, and it will "half-priced" following the class.

As for the dozen squishy-face'd, curly-tail'd loafs of love that'll be mat-adjacent during your hour-long yoga session? Oh hello, and hold onto your hearts: They're up for adoption.

So if you lock eyes with a little lovebug, from your vantage point on the floor, just accept now that you may be locking eyes for life.

This is, by the by, the first Pug Yoga from Pug Nation Rescue of LA, but due to the devotion many humans have for these lap-snuggable creatures, don't be surprised to see more of these sweet sessions pop up, puggily, down the road.

Will tickets fly as fast as a Puggie snarfs a treat? Count on it. Get yours pronto.

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