Construction Workers Scramble to Avoid Pursuit Driver

The driver sent workers scrambling for cover at a construction site in downtown Los Angeles

A sport utility vehicle driver wanted in a burglary careened through a construction site during a pursuit Friday that led to a search in downtown Los Angeles.

Details about the burglary were not immediately available.

The pursuit was eastbound on the 134 Freeway in the Glendale area at about 1 p.m. before moving into Pasadena. The driver turned south on the 110 Freeway and continued on streets northeast of downtown Los Angeles.

Construction workers ran for cover as the driver barreled through a construction site, swerving around construction equipment,  at Broadway and 2nd Street in downtown Los Angeles. One worker jumped from an excavator as the red SUV sped past in a cloud of dust.

The pursuit ended at a busy intersection, where at least two individuals ran from the truck. Officers were searching in and around the International Jewelry Center on Hill Street in downtown Los Angeles.

No arrests were reported.

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