Rabbit Roundup at the Rose Bowl

Two joggers reported seeing someone drop off the rabbits outside the Rose Bowl

An animal services officer relied on a net and persistence to round up at least nine rabbits that were dropped off outside the Rose Bowl Wednesday night in Pasadena.

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Two women who planned to jog around the stadium noticed someone dumping the rabbits in a wooded area at about 10 p.m. in the popular recreation area.

"We saw bunnies all over," said one of the joggers. "We saw somebody in a truck drop them off one by one and then they left. Not even in box -- just scattered around."

A Pasadena animal control officer responded to the site to catch the eight rabbits and their mother. Some of the rabbits scurried into bushes, but the officer -- with help from the joggers -- flushed them out and captured the bunnies in a net before placing them in cages.

The mother and her kits are doing well, according to the Pasadena Humane Society-SPCA. They will receive health checkups and likely be available at some point for adoption.

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