Raise a $1 Cocktail on Repeal Day

The 1933 Group is celebrating the historic occasion at its vintage bars.

ThirstyCrow_OldFashioned (Jakob N. Layman)
Jakob N. Layman

What to Know

  • Thursday, Dec. 5
  • $1 Moscow Mule at Idle Hour or $1 Tom Collins at La Cuevita
  • $1 Old Fashioneds will be available at the majority of 1933 Group bars

Thinking back to 1933?

Perhaps you weren't here yet. Maybe your parents hadn't even quite arrived, nor your grandparents. But you don't need a personal calendar, nor a close relative, to tell you what any history book can report: Prohibition came to an end on the fifth day of December in that year.

Bars across the country will mirthfully mark that occasion, some 86 years later, with a shaker full of ice, a cold glass, and a flavorful twist.

It's called Repeal Day, and you can find a number of local taverns raising a celebratory glass to the historic occasion.

The 1933 Group, which takes its name from that storied year, is known for its vintage-flavored establishments. And, as is tradition, those gathering places will honor Dec. 5 with a host of one-dollar drink specials.

Look for a single and splashy sip on each bar's menu to receive the $1 treatment on Dec. 5, 2020. At La Cuevita in Highland Park, the deal is on a Tom Collins, while Sunset Boulevard's Thirsty Crow will offer up the classic Old Fashioned for a buck.

Old Fashioneds, in fact, will be the drink of the day at most of the 1933 Group bars, from Oldfield's to Bigfoot West, though Idle Hour in North Hollywood will spotlight a Moscow Mule.

Best line up your designated driver, and then brush up on your history, for Repeal Day is here, with, as is tradition, a resounding cheers.

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