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Dressing Salads and Blinging Hands: Hidden Valley Ranch Takes EBay by Storm with Unique Diamond

Hidden Valley Ranch just made ranch lovers' taste a little more expensive with The Ranch Diamond.

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The versatility of ranch is seldom a question. From casual finger-food dipping to family dinners, the dressing is a ubiquitous American staple.

And Hidden Valley Ranch just found a way to make that taste last a lot longer with the first ever diamond made of ranch, called "The Ranch Diamond."

Debuted on March 10, National Ranch Day, the two carat round diamond made of the company's signature recipe went up for bid with proceeds going to charity, according to their press release.

The formerly Santa Barbara-based company says the gem was "expertly created by a professional diamond maker in a lab" where their ranch seasoning was heated to 2,500 degrees and later crushed under 400 tons of pressure.

The entire process lasted five months.

The jewel was then polished and placed in a 14-karat white gold band engraved with "HVR LVR" on its side.

While the diamond is made of ranch, it is not edible or made for consumption.

The inspiration for the diamond came after one of Hidden Valley's "custom Valentine's Day bottles was used in a marriage proposal," said Hidden Valley Ranch Marketing Director Deb Crandall.

"We saw a love of ranch become part of one of life's most beautiful moments. It made us wonder, how can we make this act of love even more memorable?"


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They timed this unveil "with proposals and weddings at an all-time high."

The last day to bid on the diamond was Thursday. Thereafter, a winner will walk away with the once-edible jewel "in time for National Proposal Day on March 20."

Starting at $310 on EBay, the bid was up to $13,250 as of Wednesday.

According to a spokesperson for Hidden Valley Ranch, the final sale price of the gem was a whopping $12,550.

The diamond's EBay listing could be found here.

Hidden Valley says all proceeds will go toward Feeding America, a non-profit providing people food through a network of food banks, "and every dollar raised will help provide at least 10 meals."

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