Video of Rodent Running on Produce at Covina Store Sparks Health Department Investigation

After video went viral of a rodent running around on vegetables in the produce section of a Covina El Super grocery store, the health department was investigating Monday.

The video, showing a rodent scampering around on corn, carrots, zucchinis and more, triggered outrage on social media after it was taken Sunday and prompted customers to ask NBC4 to investigate the store.

By Monday, the Facebook video had garnered nearly 6,000 shares and 200,000 views.

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health began an investigation into the store at Arrow Highway and Azusa Avenue.

County Health began investigating not only the rat complaint, but also a complaint about unsanitary restrooms.

While the bathrooms were clean, and no live mice were found, after a more extensive look, health officials found something else.

"A small amount of old, dry rodent droppings were found in the back area of the facility; this resulted in a cleaning violation which must be addressed immediately. To protect the public’s health, a re-inspection is scheduled," a department spokeswoman said in a statement to NBC4.

El Super's corporate office, based in Paramount, also responded to the video and allegations, saying the chain was aware of the video and immediate corrective action has been taken.

"All produce in the affected area was removed from the shelves and discarded, and the area has been fully sanitized. Any customer who purchased produce at this store location on August 7 may return it for a replacement or full refund," the chain said in a statement.

The store was cooperating with the county health department, and said it was an "isolated incident."

The health department verified that the store has a long history of "A" ratings, despite customers’ posts to social media following the "Ratatouille" video release.

Anyone who purchased produce on Sunday may receive a replacement or refund by going to the store. El Super Covina's phone number is (626) 334-4261.

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