This article is sponsored by The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library, dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Ronald Reagan's legacy of inspired freedom. 

 The holidays don't typically evoke thoughts of the stars and stripes and American heritage.

But that's precisely the message at An American Christmas, an exhibit of 24 patriotic Christmas Trees at the Reagan Library.

The library's winter wonderland features 24 trees decorated to celebrate the defining moments of America's road to greatness, from the Revolutionary Era to today.

Each tree reflects the life and times of American society and culture during each decade between 1700 and 2010, tracing the evolution of America on its path toward greatness.

With dazzling lights and crafted ornaments, each tree is its own piece of magnificent art. 

Also on display: a collection of hand-crafted Menorahs that were given to President Reagan during his tenure in the White House.

An American Christmas runs through January 8th. For more information, go to

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