Real-Life Mushroom Rally to Mario Kart-up Your March

The dress-up-and-race event is popping up around the globe (LA included).

What to Know

  • March 16 through 31, 2019
  • K1 Speed in Gardena
  • $55

There's playing an awesome video game, there's go-karting, and there's donning a costume that pays tribute to a character loved far and wide.

But the chance to do all three, at the very same time, is rare, to say the least. Rare opportunities do have a way of popping up in Los Angeles, however, much in the way that racing tracks can weave through Donut Plains.

If you can't go to this particular game-famous location, you can visit a local spot that will become a real-life video game showdown, with Go-Karts, vroom-vroom speed, and, yes, costumes for the participants to wear.

Adult participants, we should add. It's the Mushroom Rally, which is currently zigzagging to cities around the planet, all while giving Mario Kart mavens a chance to step inside the game for while, without passing through an actual screen.

You will, however, need to purchase a ticket — they're $55 — and you'll want to find a date in late March to make for K1 Speed in Gardena.

That's where everything'll happen, including pairing you with a costume for the duration of your race. So, no: You will not have to show with your own Mario-style get-up.

While there will be prizes each day, "one winner from each city will be flown out to Las Vegas for the grand finale and a chance to fight it out for the grand prize!"

Have you been practicing for this moment practically your whole life?

We're now less than a month out from the Mushroom Rally putting pedal-to-the medal, kart-style, right here in Southern California.

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