Reality Stars on Hollywood Walk of Fame? “Hell No,” Says Organizer

Despite saturating pretty much every aspect of pop culture, there's one place we may never see Kim Kardashian, The Situation or Tila Tequila: The Hollywood Walk of Fame.

A post to the Walk of Fame's Facebook page makes that point pretty clear:

"Someone asked if we give reality show characters stars? Hell to the No!" wrote the page's admin.

Every year, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce approves around 24 new stars from a pool of 300 nominations. So far, nobody's been directly rewarded for his or her work in reality television, said Ana Martinez of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

There are some technicalities though, Martinez admits.

"Somebody brought up a point about Gene Simmons," Martinez said Tuesday. "He got it years ago with Kiss, so, yes, there is someone who has a reality show."

"Ozzy has one for his music, and then later became a reality star," said Martinez, who has been with the Walk of Fame team for the last 24 years.


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The other glaring technicality is Mark Burnett. According to his Walk of Fame bio, he has produced more than 1,100 hours of television, including such reality juggernauts as "Survivor," "The Apprentice," "The Voice," "Shark Tank," "Sarah Palin's Alaska" and "The Contender."

But, Burnett isn't a reality star. He just creates them.

As far as true reality stars -- the actors and actresses (are we calling them that?) -- the Walk of Fame doesn't seem interested.

"I don't know," Martinez said. "No one's approached us. I hope not. I'm very proud of the Walk of Fame."

As for now, the star criteria includes longevity in the entertainment industry, awards and charitable contributions, said Martinez.

"I don't think they fit the criteria," she said. "We try to appeal to everybody's likes. Some day? Who knows? The committee always surprises me. Right now, it hasn't been discussed about reality stars."

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