Rebates for Online Scam

Consumer News Roundup: The Federal Trade Commission has collected an $8 million settlement for those afflicted by a fake security alert on their computers.

If your computer was afflicted with one of those fake security alert viruses, you might be eligible for a $20 rebate.

The Federal Trade Commission said Friday it is handing out the money to people who were tricked into buying computer firewall and other security programs by scammers who made it look like the computer was infected with a virus.

The federal agency won an $8 million settlement from several companies, including one called Innovative Marketing. The fake security products included Winfixer, Drive Cleaner and XP Antivirus.

The FTC will send checks to about 300,000 people who were duped by the scheme, the agency said. those who believe they were scammed should call 1-877-853-3541 or click on this  link.

Earlier in the week, the agency said it was distributing rebates in another scam, this one involving a work-at-home scam.

In this case, the agency said, a company called Abili-Staff Ltd offered to find people jobs - for a fee of up to $89.99. The money was supposed to give applicants access to job postings, with full refunds if they did not get jobs. But for the alleged scam's victims, neither the jobs nor the refunds materialized.

"The FTC brought the case as part of its ongoing efforts to protect financially strapped consumers from scams that falsely promise job opportunities," the agency said on its website. 


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Under a court order issued earlier this year, Abili-Staff and several principals agreed to turn over assets to the FTC, including bank accounts and a gold Rolex watch

The agency now plans to use that money to pay an average of $9.70 to each of the victims.

You can click here to find some tips on how to avoid work-at-home scams and other employment cons.   

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