What to Do With All That Money

LOS ANGELES -- The checks are sent, now it's up to state and local government to figure out how they want to spend dollars allocated by the federal government's Recovery Act.

The money is part of the stimulus package that became law last month. Roughly $26 billion is expected to go to California as a whole.

Some states have websites that explain how the money will be spent. California's is not yet online, but click here for updates. Some of the site also provide a suggestion box for visitors.

The state will receive the largest share of transportation funding from the federal government's stimulus package -- $2.57 billion, according to Reuters. That money will be used to repair and build highways, roads and bridges.

The county's board of supervisors last month created a task force to make sure that the funds are expended in a "timely manner." The federal government's stimulus package will provide about $268 million in transportation funding to the Los Angeles area.

"It is critical that the county be prepared to move quickly to invest those funds which are made available to the Los Angeles region on an expedited, effective and efficient basis," Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky's motion stated.

But some residents might see the impact his week, according to The Sacramento Bee. The newspaper reports that unemployed Californians will see an etra $25 per week on their unemployment insurance checks.

The state will automatically add the money to unemployment checks -- no action necessary from recipients, the newspaper reported. Click here to read the SacBee article.

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