Redlands Police Investigating Series of Residential Burglaries

Redlands police are investigating a series of residential burglaries that began being reported in early September.

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The Redlands Police Department is investigating a series of more than a dozen residential burglaries that started being reported at the beginning of September.

In many of the reported incidents the individuals accessed the residences through forced entry of a rear sliding glass door. Once they made their way in they ransacked the home and stole items like safes, cash, jewelry, and other valuables.

At this time investigators believe that the burglaries may be related to similar crimes that have occurred in nearby jurisdictions.

These are area where burglaries have been reported:

  • the 1500 block of Ridge St.;
  • the 1400 block of Edgehill Lane;
  • the 12600 block of Valley View Lane;
  • the 100 block of Campbell Avenue;
  • the 1500 block of Crestview Road;
  • the 300 block of East Sunset Drive North;
  • the 1600 block of Camelot Drive;
  • the 30400 block of Live Oak Canyon Road;
  • the 1900 block of Mesa View Lane;
  • the 1300 block of Drake Ridge Crest;
  • the 1300 block of Knoll Road;
  • the 1300 block of Elizabeth Street;
  • and the 200 block of Orchid Court

Police are asking residents to report any suspicious activity in their neighborhoods by calling 911.

Redlands residents are also encouraged to participate in the police department's "While You're Away" and "Vacation House Check" programs.

Residents also have the option of contacting the Redlands Police Department at least one week before leaving for an extended period to arrange to check out a small tracking device that can be hidden on items of value.

The motion sensitive device is activated once the resident leaves on vacation. Any movement of the device will set off a signal that sends a text to both the resident and the Police Department.

Anyone with information regarding crime or suspicious activity is asked to contact Redlands Police Dispatch at (909) 798-7681 ext. 1. Certain non-emergency crimes may also be reported online using the Redlands Police Department’s CopLogic reporting system at

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