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Rental Costs Spike in Atlanta for Super Bowl LIII

The costs for one night in rental homes and hotels in Atlanta have spiked with the Super Bowl coming to town.

Many units and rooms are sold out and what is left have skyrocketed in price.

Some would call it "price gouging" but the NBC4 I-Team found it is not.

State laws across the country, including Georgia and California, say the term price gouging is connected to rate hikes when there is a local, state or national emergency.

The Woolsey Fire last November is one example.

The Los Angeles City Attorney's office tells NBC4 it is unlawful to increase a rental or hotel fee or rate more than 10 percent for 30 days after an emergency declaration is made.

There are also new restrictions for the city of Los Angeles following the passage of this ordinance regulating home-sharing platforms.

The rules are expected to go into effect in July. This is particularly important considering the Los Angeles will host the Super Bowl in 2022 and the Olympics in 2028.

More information on the new law can be found here.

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