Man Rescued From LA River Island

A man who was stranded on an island in the Los Angeles River in Silver Lake was rescued Thursday.

The man was stranded on a "mid-stream island, best described as thicket of vegetation," noted the Los Angeles County Fire Department in a statement.

Some 98 people from the Los Angeles County Fire Department responded to an area of the river located in the 2500 block of Fletcher Driver in Silver Lake on the ground, from the air and in the water. LAFD personnel were placed more than one mile downstream as well.

Water speeds in the river were estimated to be as fast as 10 to 12 mph. 

Around 11:50 a.m., the LAFD's Swift Water Rescue Team rescued the man with an inflatable boat. Fire officials gave the man a water rescue helmet and a life vest before bringing him to shore.

The man did not show any immediate signs of injuries, but was being assessed by paramedics, the LAFD noted in a statement shortly after the rescue.

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