Resident Doctors in Training Honored for Stepping Into COVID-19 Frontlines

"They're really on the frontlines, and we couldn't have done our work without them," Dr. Z said.

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They may not have a lot of experience, but they are having a big impact on the pandemic. They are resident doctors in training, and they are being celebrated for their courageous efforts in the frontlines.

Sam Zidovetzki or Dr. Z as he's often called, is an emergency room doctor at Riverside Community Hospital.

He's also one of the West Coast physicians who traveled to New York to help other emergency rooms during the start of the pandemic.

"Yeah it was pretty terrible, patients were lined up in hallways and lined up outside," he recalled. “A lot of them were dying without any family members around and that was really hard for all the physicians, residents and nurses."

This is why Dr. Z got funding for 15 tablets through COVID Tech Connect, so isolated COVID-19 patients at Riverside Community Hospital can FaceTime or Zoom with family.

"This could be one of the last opportunities they have to speak to their family members," he said.

The loss of life during this pandemic has been overwhelming, but Dr. Z says it would be much worse if not for the residents that are newly graduated medical doctors who are in training.

"Ventilators, intubating, and putting people on life support are all critical procedures that they do on a daily basis, and they do it flawlessly here at RCH," Dr. Z said.

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The hospital celebrated the dozens of doctors in its Residency Program partnership with UC Riverside.

"It's been an honor and a privilege, but it's been scary," said Nicole Lau MD, who was a participant in the program.

Celebrating them is a way of saying "thank you" to residents like Dr. Nicole Lau for stepping up during these dark times.

"We’re still learning, we're still growing, and I'm hoping that we are turning the positive corner to this pandemic," Dr. Lau said.

A positive turn that’s happening because of the courage of healthcare workers including the doctors in training.

"They're really on the frontlines, and we couldn't have done our work without them," Dr. Z said.

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