Retired Fire Official Faces Sentencing for Dog Beating

Karley, a German Shepherd mix, had to be euthanized

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University of Illinois Police

A retired LA County assistant fire chief could receive four years in prison for beating a neighbor's dog.

Glynn Johnson is scheduled to be sentenced Monday.

"This was an extreme case of animal cruelty," said Riverside County Deputy District Attorney Will Robinson after the verdict was announced. "It  was not an act of self-defense, but a brutal and vicious attack on a puppy that  didn't stand a chance against the defendant."
Karley, a German Shepherd mix adopted by Glynn Johnson's immediate neighbors, Jeff and Shelley Toole, had gotten out of her owners' yard and darted across  the defendant's Woodcrest property on the day of the assault.

Johnson testified that it was common for the Tooles' animals to wander  loose, and he decided to retrieve Karley and return the dog to her pen. The defendant testified that he took the dog from his neighbor, Travis  Skaggs, to save the man from having to walk around to the Tooles' residence in  the 1700 block of Armintrout Drive.

According to the former firefighter, he was walking the dog by the  collar when she suddenly stiffened, whipped around and bit him on the wrist,  forcing him to the ground.

He testified that Karley clamped down on his right thumb, "filleting" it so the top and bottom portions separated. He said in self defense he picked  up a rock and struck the dog with it until she went limp.

Skaggs testified that the animal showed no signs of aggression and that  Johnson yanked her up by the collar and started pummeling her for no reason. He  said Johnson at one point grabbed the top and bottom portions of the dog's  mouth and pulled, as if trying to snap Karley's jaws.

Skaggs said he tried to intervene, but Johnson ignored him, slamming a  rock into the dog's head 10 to 15 times.

Karley's injuries, which included multiple skull fractures, a broken jaw  and smashed teeth, were so extensive that a veterinarian recommended putting  her down, which the Tooles agreed to do. 

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