Return of the Roar

A 10-mile stretch of Angeles Crest Highway, closed for several years because of weather-related damage, is being reopened Wednesday after $10.5 million in repairs.

Improvements to the scenic route in the Angeles National Forest included building a bridge to allow rocks and runoff to flow under the road instead of over it, Maria Raptis of Caltrans said. The road is expected to reopen officially about noon, Raptis said.

The route links Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties and has been closed between Islip Saddle and Wrightwood, Raptis said. It is a popular route for motorcyclists.

Severe winter weather conditions in 2004 and 2005 caused damage to 17 spots along the 10-mile stretch, and additional damage in one area in early 2006 led officials to order construction of the bridge.

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