Manhunt for Driver Who Brandished Assault Rifle Ends With Arrest of Wounded Suspect

The search began after the man, armed with an assault rifle, ran from a traffic stop in Rialto

A man who became the subject of a day-long manhunt after he allegedly brandished an assault rifle during a traffic stop was captured Thursday at a relative's home, according to authorities.

The subject, identified as a parolee, was arrested Thursday morning at a Banning home about 70 miles away from the initial altercation with an officer in Rialto, according to Rialto police. He suffered a gunshot wound to his abdomen, likely sustained when an officer opened fire during Wednesday's traffic stop in Rialto.

The traffic stop occurred after the officer witnessed two vehicles speeding in what appeared to be a road-rage incident. The drivers were later identified as the parolee and an ex-girlfriend.

The man got out of one of the vehicles, a red Nissan, with the an assault rifle, according to police.

"One of the drivers exited with a fully loaded assault rifle in his hand," according to a statement from the Rialto Police Department. "The officer believed he was about to be fired upon and fired multiple rounds at the suspect."

The rifle was later recovered by police.

The man ran into the ex-girlfriend's nearby residence and the Inland Valley SWAT responded to the location, police said. Officers searched the residence, but did not locate the man, police said.


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