Rialto Neighborhood Rocked by Arrests in Stow Beating Case

It came as stunning news to neighbors in a quiet Rialto neighborhood, that three of their neighbors were arrested and considered suspects by the LAPD in the beating of Giants fan Bryan Stow.

A peaceful Friday night on Victoria Street in Rialto. A far cry from Thursday's raid by the LAPD that yielded fresh suspects in the Brian Stow beating case.

"It was just really scary for the neighborhood. We would have thought that there would have been a murder or something. They were just running across my neighbors yard," according to Danyelle Dickson, a neighbor.

Friends like Anthony Scott are skeptical of charges leveled against Louie Sanchez and nearby neighbor Marvin Norwood.

"It really hurts, to be honest with you, because I knew these guys. It was personal. It's not trying to be on TV in this kind of way. I wish all this would go away and my homies would still be here," according to Anthony Scott, a friend of those arrested.

Norwood lived down the block with his girlfriend, Louie's sister, Doreen Sanchez, whom Rhonda Knox has known since junior high.

"She's a very sweet person, very nice. Family oriented. Go to work, a good person. Not someone I would see in the middle of something like this," Rhonda Knox, friend.

Friends say they understand the need for justice in the Brian Stow case but are hopeful it doesn't result in anyone they know being wrongly accused.

"It's sad," says Scott. "Stop stop blaming people. Get some real evidence."

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