Man Allegedly Points Gun at Car Full of Children in Wildomar Road Rage Incident

A driver allegedly pointed a gun at a car full of children Tuesday in a road rage incident in Riverside County, and new footage from a dash cam shows a man driving a similar vehicle involved in a different road rage incident.

Natalie Palmer says she was driving down Clinton Keith Road in Wildomar with her three younger siblings, ages 7 to 16, in the vehicle when a man cut her off on the road. She honked at the a driver who cut her off, and she says he quickly cut her off again.

"I honked at him once again, and kind of did the 'Are you kidding me' look," Palmer says.

Moments later, the man blocked Palmer's vehicle at Hidden Springs Road, got out of his truck and began screaming at her, she says.

Then, Palmer alleges, he pointed a gun at her. 

"My heart dropped," Palmer, who is only 18, says. "My whole life was in that car."

Palmer quickly drove off as the man walked back to his truck, but she says he followed her and continued to screaming more threats before finally driving away.


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"I was hysterical," Palmer recalls. "I was shaking."

 Natalie Palmer immediately told her mother, Tracey Palmer, what happened.

"We are just very thankful everything turned out OK," the mother says.

Tracy Palmer posted an emotional message on Facebook asking for help identifying the man. Soon after, a woman responded by sending a dashcam video of another incident.

The woman says a man in a white truck tailgated her before cutting her off at the exact same intersection just a few weeks earlier.

The video shows the driver getting out of the truck and acting strangely.

The woman, who did not want to be identified, told NBC4 that she and her boyfriend quickly drove away because they thought the man might have a gun.

Natalie Palmer saw the video and says she believes that the man in the dashcam video is the same person that pulled a gun on her.

"I knew right away," Natalie Palmer says. "That was him."

At this point, it's still unclear if the two incidents are connected to the same suspect. If anyone has any information about the incident or the driver, you are asked to call the Riverside County Sheriff's Department.

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