Road Scholars: Don't Look Here

It could be worse. We're not Providence

At least it's an improvement.

A new Allstate driver study indicates Los Angeles' drivers rank 183 when it comes to the nation's best drivers. The thing is, we ranked 184th in the insurance company's list of cities with the best drivers last year.

That's out of 193 cities -- nine with populations of more than 1 million -- on the list.

The study looks at "Collision Likelihood Compared to National Average." Allstate's report says drivers in LA are 44.7 percent more likely to experience a collision.

The average number of years between collisions for a driver in LA: 6.9.

Fort Collins, Colo., has the best drivers, according to the study. Drivers in that city experience an collision every 14.5 years

The worst? In Washington D.C., drivers are 95.5 percent more likely to be involved in a traffic collision when compared to the national average.

Have you noticed a few habits that relegate LA to the bottom of the list? Let us know about them with a comment below.

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