Hancock Park

Rolex Watch Stolen Off Victim's Wrist in Robbery on Hancock Park Street Corner

Two robbers in Hancock Park lead LAPD on a vehicle and foot pursuit Saturday.

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Video captured two robbers stealing a man's Rolex watch off his wrist after they jumped out of a car on a Hancock Park street corner.

The heist Saturday at the busy corner of La Brea Avenue and 6th Street led to a pursuit before two men, ages 19 and 20, were taken into custody. Police recovered the stolen Rolex watch and a handgun.

During the chase, the driver collided with another vehicle, injuring a person in that car and one of the suspects. The second suspect ran and left the scene in another vehicle.

After another short pursuit, the suspect ran from the vehicle. He was taken into custody after being located by K9 officers.

The entire incident has shoppers and people who live in the area on alert.

"They should be cautious no matter where they are, but during the holidays we tend to kind of relax and let up a little bit and then you never know who is watching," said Sneeze Brown, from Mid-Wilshire. "Always be on your ps and qs."

People who are visiting from other cities are also taking note.

"Put that stuff in the back of your mind and it makes you just look twice more than you would otherwise, that type of stuff," said John Moezzi, from Sherman Oaks.

Jerry Dave is visiting from New York City for the holidays and says tourists need to keep their flashy jewelry and bags at home otherwise they become a target for bad actors.

"You got to be aware, obviously if you dress up playing tourist you can have some issues you don't really understand," Dave said.

LAPD believe the two people arrested for Saturday's robbery may be involved in other crimes.

Anyone with information is asked to contact LAPD.

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