Rogue Tree Trimmers Elude Caltrans in Pulpy Mystery

LOS ANGELES -- Have you recently had uncontrollable cravings for Tropicana orange juice?

You can thank some rogue landscapers.

During the past few months, rows of trees have been mysteriously cut down in front of billboards for Tropicana orange juice. The trees, about 15-feet tall, were designed as noise barriers or screens near the 405 and 10 freeways, the Los Angeles Daily News reported.

So while it's normal to want a nice tall glass of OJ, the lack of trees may be upping the subliminal punch of the billboards.

To add a bit of pulp magazine noir to the story, no one has seen, nor heard the elusive rogue landscapers.

The Los Angeles Daily News reported:

"But the culprits -- who probably used chain saws to take down a total of 17 Brisbane Box evergreens that can grow to 60 feet -- have never been seen, or heard of, despite their noisy trade."


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Calls to Tropicana and World Wide Rush, the company that owns some if not all of the billboards, were not returned to the Daily News.

Anyone with information can contact Caltrans at 916-654-5266.

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