Gas Station Roof Collapses on Cars in Torrance

A gas station canopy collapsed on two cars in Torrance, California, Monday while maintenance workers were on the roof, checking it out for potential problems.

"I heard a noise, something like an earthquake? I ran to the window. And seen that the roof had collapsed!" Giselle Vasquez, who works next door at Green Clean Car Wash, said.

No one was seriously injured, including the drivers of the car and the crews on the roof, fire officials on scene said. 

The roof collapsed at a Chevron station at 3960 Artesia Boulevard at 2:50 p.m.

Two maintenance workers were on the roof over the gas pumps when they noticed cracks.

As they were getting off of the awning, the roof failed.

One managed to scramble away while the other rode the roof to the ground. He suffered minor injuries, and a "few scratches."

Both drivers were inside the gas station -- not at the gas pumps -- when the roof failed, according to a G&M Oil spokesperson. 

"There was no indication there were any issues with it. We regularly do maintenance at our sites. This was just routine," Julie Jackson, General Manager of G&M Oil, said.

There were no gas leaks, Torrance Fire said.

The Chevron station was roped off following the collapse.

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