Rooftop Cinema Club: June Flicks Announced

Hollywood summer: Go up in a elevation and watch alfresco movies.

Oodles of famous film scenes happen on terra firma, whether two characters are chatting while strolling along a big-city sidewalk or running through a flowery field.

But rise in elevation, to the top of a building, and you get some truly major movie moments, from the proton-tacular closer of "Ghostbusters" and the Jerome Robbins-choreographed dance from "West Side Story" to the leaping chimney sweeps of "Mary Poppins."

A structure's zenith, by fanciful extension, makes a fitting place to enjoy a film. And The Rooftop Cinema Club, which screens a caboodle of popcorn-y classics atop The Montalban when warmer weather arrives, has more than embraced the concept of a lofty location serving as a temporary screening room.

The June 2016 schedule has just been revealed, so if you're hoping to spend a soft-of-breeze Hollywood night reveling in the likes of "Clueless" or "Raiders of the Lost Ark," best book your spot more-than-soon-ish. (April qualifies on the "more-than-soon-ish" scale, and May does, too.)

So what else is on the list? "Spice World" zig-ah-zig-ahs as the cinema club's series opener on June 1, while "Trainspotting," "Hail Caesar" (a BAFTA presentation), and "(500) Days of Summer" dot the schedule. 

There are to-knows about attending, like what to wear (June nights can be cool/damp) and such, so bone up on all of your rooftop-movie-watching knowledge.

Costumes are also met with enthusiasm, so obviously you'll need to decide if you're going as Ginger Spice or Sporty Spice. Like, soon. This is not a decision to dillydally over.

Making it all the niftier? London and New York are our Rooftop Cinema Club siblings, in that they, too, screen flicks above various streets, so call the alfresco festivity an event with international mojo. 

Goosing it even further up the nifty scale? The Montalban, being just a skoosh south of Hollywood & Vine, sits grandly among some of the Tinseltown's most iconic rooftop and neon signs.

The views are supreme, the surrounding structures are historic, and the very setting has oodles of vintage Hollywood cachet.

Will that enhance your movie-watching experience, up on the roof? Well, only if you let it, which we most emphatically recommend. Movies and Hollywood, you might have heard, are a rather tight twosome, and to enjoy both, all at once, is better than a bucket of hot buttered popcorn.

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