Rough, Tough Girls on Skates

Do we need to say more?

Sochi Olympics Luge Women

Big girls don't cry.

Especially if you're in the LA Derby Dolls league, where more than 150 skaters participate in this sexy rough and tumble sport.

"You definitely have to like to get hit and you have to have the aggression, but most of these girls are the sweetest women you'll ever meet in you life," said "Long Island Lolita," a skater on the all-star Ri-Ettes team and captain of the Varisty Brawlers.

Run entirely by volunteers with the support of their fans and community, said "Long Island Lolita."

"We are an all female, do-it-yourself, banked-track roller derby league. Nothing is scripted; what you see is real and the bumps and bruises really hurt," she said.

Besides competing, the derby dolls give back to the community.

"Next to skating, community service is really important to us. Right now, we currently operate a junior roller derby league... we not only teach them the sport, we teach them to be leaders and that anything is possible," said "Long Island Lolita."

"Hot Wheels," "Ghetto Stilleto" and "Gori Spelling" are nicknames that adds fun to the sport.

"It's a chance to create this alternative, crazy, sexy, bold character. It's almost like a superhero identity...That's who you are and that's who you become and that's what you're known as," said "Long Island Lolita."

The sport welcomes anyone.

"We have lawyers, hair stylists, teachers, full-time moms and it's just a way we come together, put on our roller-skates and we all take our aggression. We have fun," said "Long Island Lolita."

The LA Ri-Ettes will face Team Legit on March 27 at the Doll Factory.

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