Royal Watchers Celebrate

Fans of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge enjoyed the chance of a life time, to see the most popular royal couple in the world, up close.

As Friday night turned into the wee hours of Saturday morning, the crowds outside the consul-General's residence diminished a bit, but the for some, the desire to see the royals stayed strong.

Those diehard fans planned on staying late into the night, in hopes of seeing history.

"I've been here since ten this morning waiting to see the future king of England. Oy, I feel older than the queen," according to Felice Kaplan, a royal watcher.

In Hancock Park, this Friday night feature was the latest installment of royal watching.

"You see them in the newspapers all the time. You see then in magazines. They're here in our own backyard, so why not come and say hi, or greet them," says Jackie Winter, a Hollywood resident.

Winter was one of about one hundred people camped on the corner of 6th and June streets, peering down the block, hoping to get a peek.

"It seems very peaceful, and everyone here wants to see the royal couple," according to Rosario Herrera, of the LAPD.

The high hopes peaked as the royal procession moved from LAX to Beverly Hills.

People lined the streets, and flew British colors in hopes of seeing and being seen.

"This is a sight that's unseen. This is history. Right here in the making, this is history," says Elisabeth Scott, a Beverly Hills resident.

And some young ladies from Orange County adore the Duchess of Cambridge.

"Her transformation from a commoner to royalty, it's any girls dream, fantasy. So, we just really admire her," Tara Campbell, a Yorba Linda resident.

But it turned out fans in Hancock Park weren't able to experience a royal sightings.

The only crowd pleaser turned out to be pro soccer player..

"They never even came out. They never came out. They waved a little bit from the window. Big deal," says Kaplan. "But at least I got to see David Beckham. That was freaking worth it."

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