Ruby Slippers, Mysterious Bags as Art?

First shiny ruby red slippers were found hanging from telephone lines all across LA. Then came bags, containing white powder, hanging from telephone poles. Is this art, or something more sinister?

They were found in the middle of Hollywood, near Franklin and Beechwood. Plastic bags, containing a white powder, attached to telephone poles with the saying "This Hollywood Life" printed on them.

No actual drugs were found inside, but are they a sign of the times?

"Not my Hollywood life at all," said resident Bill Jackson.

"This is my first time seeing that," according to Deborah Ford. "What is that about?"

Whatever they are, they really have people talking.

"I thought it represents parts of LA culture," said Gabriel Suarez.

"I was just sitting here," says Tim Sepulveda, "and I looked over and I'm like, double take. Huge bag of cocaine saying 'This Hollywood Life' yeah okay."

Are the bags a message?

"No idea whatsoever," said Sepulveda. "It's hilarious and true."

It is a bit of a mystery, that's apparently part of a bigger picture.

Last week ruby red slippers, dangling from telephone lines, appeared all over Echo Park.

Could the slippers be connected to the simulated drug bags?


Turns out they're both the work of a graffiti artist.

His name is Manny Castro, and he says this is another sneak peek of his latest show.

"That's not smart," said Ford. "There's a lot of people that may think it's real and die from it. Around here who knows?"

Castro is also responsible for portrait of Lady Gaga portrayed as Jesus, which was found in Runyon Park earlier this year.

But beware, this may not be the last talking point you see around town. Castro says he's not done making his mark.

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