Rural Republicans Want Cuts and Services

Modoc County wants end to the big government that subsidizes their rustic lifestyles

By "self reliance," Modoc County residents generally mean spending more government money than they pay into the system through taxes.

That's because while the Republican stronghold near the Oregon border claims to be all about hard work and perseverance, its back-to-the-land lifestyles are subsidized by city dwellers.

Yet Republicans in Sacramento refuse to balance the budget by raising taxes, instead preferring to cut spending.

Problem is, that spending goes disproportionately to their constituents.

If programs are cut, "You'll be able to translate these cuts into more accidents on the road, more people in jail, more people getting sick," County Administrative Officer Mark Charlton told the San Francisco Chronicle.

Modoc County residents are unfazed, promising to ride horses and drive llamas if essential road maintenance falls to the budget axe.

Hopefully those horses and llamas also have medical degrees and teaching certificates to make up for health and education cuts as well.

Photo by Ken Lund.

Jackson West is happy to subsidize Republicans if it keeps them in places like Modoc County.

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