SAG Gets “Last, Best and Final Offer”

Producers give actors until June 30 to decide

Sherman Oaks, Calif. --The group representing the major studios and television networks Thursday presented the Screen Actors Guild with what it called its "last, best and final offer" for a new contract.

A representative of the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers said the offer includes several enhancements from what it was willing to make when the two sides met with a federal mediator in November, including allowing the new contract to expire on June 30, 2011 if a later agreement is approved by then.
"The terms in the offer are the best we can or will offer in light of the five other major industry labor deals negotiated over the past year and the extraordinary economic crisis griping the world economy," according to an alliance statement.

The alliance pledged to leave the offer on the table for 60 days.
There was no immediate response to a telephone call left after the close of business hours with the Screen Actors Guild seeking comment.

The two sides have met for three days this week in their first talks since November and first since SAG members elected a more moderate board and fired their chief negotiator.

The SAG contract covering motion picture and television production expired June 30. Negotiations deadlocked when SAG demanded better terms than other entertainment industry unions received.
The main sticking points are the amount of pay for programming shown over the Internet and DVD sales. Production has continued under the terms of the previous agreement.

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