San Bernardino High School Student Arrested After Posting Bullying Video

Police said the Cajon High School student might have gotten away with his alleged bullying if he hadn't bragged about it on Facebook

A San Bernardino high school student was arrested and faces possible expulsion after posting a video to Facebook last week that police say showed him bullying and attacking another student.

School administrators learned of the attack only after the alleged bully posted the video Friday with a caption bragging that that was how to "deal with a kid with a big mouth."

The Cajon High School student received 216 “Likes” for the Facebook post, though almost everyone who commented on the video condemned the attacker.

In the video, the alleged attacker, wearing a burgundy shirt, is encouraged by a student recording the video to attack the boy in a white shirt. The student in the burgundy shirt pushes the other boy twice, but the victim continues to walk away. The alleged attacker then punches the victim from behind.

Police said the student likely would have gotten away with his actions if he hadn’t posted the video online. The student now faces charges of battery on school grounds and challenging a fight on school property, school police Chief Joseph Paulino said.

The boy who recorded the video was disciplined, officials said.

Parents who were shown the video by NBC4 called the incident disturbing.

"I understand that they cannot guarantee the security of my kids off campus. But on campus, I say, ‘come on!’" said parent Martha Angely.

School officials praised the students in the video who came to the victim’s defense, but they said the district’s program that encourages students to report bullying incidents didn’t work in this instance.

The victim was not seriously hurt in the attack. He has since returned to school.

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