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Man Seen Watching Sleeping Couple Might Be Linked to Other Crimes, Police Say

A man arrested after breaking into a couple's home and watching them in their bedroom is likely behind an earlier sex assault, police say.

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A man arrested after allegedly sneaking into a couple's home and watching them as they slept might be responsible for other crimes in the San Bernardino area, according to police.

Detectives said Anthony Andrew Cifuentes, who is now in custody in connection with the burglary, sneaked into someone else's home a week before burglarizing the couple in February. According to police, DNA evidence proves he not only broke into that home in the earlier crime, but also sexually assaulted a woman as she slept.

"Glad that he's caught," said Rachel Sandoval, whose security camera video captured the unsettling incident in February. "Who knows how many other people he's done it too."

The Sandovals said they're not only shaken, but now even more creeped out because of the new information from police.

They said after the man stole items from their bedroom, he left but then returned that same night. Their toddler son, who has medical issues, and his night nurse also slept nearby.

"I'm a little freaked out that he came back in a second time," Rachel Sandoval said. "Now it really feels like in my gut maybe he was going to our night nurse or to my son."

The Sandovals are glad they now have their dog Roxy in the house.


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They're also relieved the man is now in custody. But they are speaking out because they, like police, do not believe they are the only victims.

Cifuentes is charged with rape, assault with intent to commit rape and two counts of burglary. If convicted he could face life in prison.

It was not immediately clear whether he has an attorney.

Rachel Sandoval said she went into detective mode after she was victimized. Something told her and her husband that the intruder who crept into their home and watched them as they slept had done this before.

"Explains why he was so comfortable," Kevin Sandoval said.

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