Sandra Bullock’s 911 Intruder Report Played in Court

The recording played Thursday is the first piece of evidence a prosecutor has presented against the man accused of breaking into the actress' home

A 911 call from Sandra Bullock reporting an intruder in her home was played Thursday during a court hearing for the man accused of breaking into the actress' house last year.

The Oscar-winning actress is heard telling a dispatcher that she is hiding in a closet of her Los Angeles home after seeing the man. The recording is the first piece of evidence a prosecutor has presented against Joshua Corbett, who is charged with stalking the actress and breaking into her home in June.

Corbett was in court Thursday for a preliminary hearing the case.

Bullock can be heard on the recording providing a description of the man she saw after going outside to investigate noises.

"I thought it was a wind blowing," Bullock said. "Then I saw the person."

Bullock told authorities she saw a man dressed in a dark sweatshirt and dark pants walk past her bedroom toward a third-floor stairway. Investigators later determined the intruder entered the home through a locked sunroom glass door on the first floor.

As officers were en route, Bullock told the 911 dispatcher that she could hear someone pounding on the door to her bedroom.

Bullock told police she was not armed and her son was not home at the time. She tried to navigate responding officers through security at her home, which included a gate at her driveway, and repeatedly asked how long it would take for officers to arrive.

"I don't know where they're responding from, Sandra... But I can tell you that they're responding with lights and sirens."

She provided officers with instructions on how to find her bedroom. When officers got there, Bullock, who sounded like she was in tears, thanked the dispatcher, who continued speaking with her on the phone until officers arrived and told her to remain in the closet behind a safe door to the bedroom.

"Thanks you so much for being so... thank you," Bullock said.

"Sandra, that's what we're here for, ma'am," the dispatcher responded, before informing her that the subject was taken into custody.

A police officer testified that Corbett was clutching a black notebook with a two-page letter to Bullock and magazine photos of the actress when he was arrested. Corbett has pleaded not guilty.

"He said, 'I'm sorry. I love you Sandy,'" Los Angeles police Officer Jose Bermudez testified.

Several firearms, rifles and handguns as well as a large amount of ammunition were also recovered from Corbett's home. Prosecutors described the items as an "arsenal of weapons."

He was not armed at the time of his arrest at Bullock's house.

The actress is not expected to testify during the preliminary hearing, during which a judge will evaluate whether there is enough evidence for Corbett to stand trial.

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