Scammers Target LADWP Ratepayers

Scammers posing as employees of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power have been calling Angelenos demanding money, telling the customers they have an unpaid account balance.

That unpaid balance, of course, is "bogus," according to the LADWP.

The fraudsters have urged DWP customers to go to a nearby pharmacy and call a specific number to give up sensitive financial information, or pay their bill with a pre-paid cash card.

The DWP doesn't handle unpaid bills that way.

It was unclear whether any of the attempts were successful or how prevalent the issue has become.

"Distraction telephone calls are an important issue for us, but the good news is this form of victimization is easily preventable," said Patrick Findley, director of LADWP Security Services Division, in a prepared statement. "The more our customers know about it, the less likely it is to happen, so help us spread the word among your family, friends and neighbors."

To report suspicious activity to the Department, call LADWP Security Services at (213) 367-3373 or (213) 367-9111, or email, or visit and click Security Issue under Contact Us.

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