Schoolyard Drug Sting Goes Bad

Plan to nab pot smoking student backfires on teachers

Los Angeles, Calif. -- Three administrators at Porter Middle School in Granada Hills were reassigned and could face criminal charges for allegedly using a student to conduct an informal marijuana sting against another student, police and school
district officials said Wednesday.
According to police, a student told school administrators last Wednesday about another student trying to sell marijuana. Without consulting any law enforcement agency, three administrators decided to enlist the aid of the student to set up a drug sting targeting the other student, police said.
The alleged sting was reported to district officials on Thursday, and the administrators were transferred to non-school positions on Friday.
"This activity is completely unacceptable," Los Angeles Unified School District Chief Operating Officer David Holmquist said. "It could lead to possible termination. We're asking parents to let law enforcement officials know if they are aware of other incidents."
The administrators involved are the school's principal, assistant principal and dean of students according to a letter sent by Superintendent Ramon C. Cortines to parents of students. The administrators were not named.
"I really, really, really truly believe that she's taken the law into her hands many, many times and this is just one incident that she got caught," Ruiz said, referring to the dean of students.
The Los Angeles School Police Department initially investigated and presented its case to the District Attorney's Office on Tuesday, recommending possible charges of using a minor in a narcotics transaction and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.
The case is now being handled by the Los Angeles Police Department.
Anyone with information about the case was asked to call Lt. Thomas Murrell of the Devonshire Division at (818) 832-0609.
On Tuesday, the principal and five other staff members at Taft High School in Woodland Hills were reassigned to non-school duties while an investigation was conducted into an alleged hazing incident involving members of the boys' volleyball team.

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