Arnold Terminates Red Tape for Disabled Tenants

Schwarzenegger didn't like what he'd read in the Times

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger leaped into action like the super heroes he use to play in the movies Thursday and saved the day for about 20 physically or developmentally disabled people who faced eviction from a Monrovia apartment house.

Schwarzenegger's morning was ruined when he read a Los Angeles Times report about 25-year-old Lily Hixon with Down syndrome losing her apartment because her lease was being terminated along with about two dozen other people.  All had varying degrees of disability. 

Rules are rules and the landlord blamed regulations banning anyone under 62-year-old from living in the apartment house designated for seniors only.

The governor was told by his staff  "there's nothing we can about it."  That's when Schwarzenegger picked up the phone and called the landlord directly. 

The landlord claimed bureaucrats where to blame for the pending expulsions. That's when the governor got his hands dirty and using the proverbial machete cut his way through a wall of Sacramento bureaucracy.

By the end of the day the governor had a letter on his desk from the landlord promising the tenants would not be evicted and thanking him for resolving the matter in less than 2 hours. The landlord claimed to have suffered through weeks of bureaucratic inaction.

On Friday morning, the governor plans to meet with the folks living in the apartment house and tell them the good news.  

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