Second Melissa Huckaby Getting Death Threats

Lots of similarities

Turns out there are two Melissa Huckabys who live the Central Valley.

Both are 28-year-old mothers and Sunday school teachers.  Both have 5-year-old daughters.  And both are from Tracy.  They even look a little alike from afar.

But the similarities end there.

One Melissa Huckaby is sitting in jail, facing murder, rape and kidnap charges.

The second, who lives in nearby Manteca, is facing death threats. 

The Manteca Huckaby family is asking the media to please help get the word out.  They want the death threats to stop and they just want to be left alone.

She said she hasn't even received as much as a speeding ticket in her entire life.

Embedded video from CNN VideoHer MySpace page has been mistaken so many times for the one of the murder suspect's that she shut it down.

Her parents say they've recieved hundreds of phone calls from everyone from CNN to Geraldo Rivera to Nancy Grace as they search for the family of the murder suspect.

"They hear the name, and a lot of people think it's me," Huckaby told KOVR-TV. "I was getting hate mail."

She told the Tracy Press newspaper that she hopes the attention will blow over soon because she wants her life to get back to normal.

 “This is definitely not a 15 minutes of fame I would ever wish on anybody.”

Same story. Same name. Two very different people.

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